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Cooking Games Online: a Recipe for the Entire Family



Today’s technology has forever changed the way we play games.  In the past, cooking games were played with plastic kitchen sets full of pots, pans, and tiny cooking utensils or dry mixes cooked to perfection by a light bulb.


Today, playing a cooking game online is as simple as logging onto your computer and downloading the game of your choice.  These games can also be easily accessed on your tablet or phone. Since many of the online games are free, they are more cost efficient, and last a lot longer than the plastic toys of the past.


The variations of online games dedicated to cooking are endless.  Your child can play games with their favorite cartoon character as the chef, build their own restaurant, follow simple recipes, or cook an entire dish with the click of a mouse from start to finish.


Many of the games offer your child currency specialized for that particular game that can be earned by completing cooking challenges correctly and in a timely manner.  Your child can also earn rewards through some of the games for making healthy choices when planning and preparing their meals.


Playing a cooking game can offer you, your child, and the rest of the family a new perspective on food and eating habits.  With the help of these online games, your child can begin to learn the importance of food and nutrition, as opposed to just eating to tame their empty tummy.  Since children tend to be leery about trying new foods, as a family you can begin to educate yourself about foods you’ve never eaten and try them together.  Trying new things as a family may reduce your child’s fear of new foods.


To keep your child from over indulging and playing online games for hours at a time, you can take the information that you’ve learned and use it to make up your own games.  This will help you and your child learn together, as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Game Ideas


  • Naming the fruits and vegetables: have your child name all the fruits and vegetables they recognize as you walk through the produce section of the grocery store. Make a list of the ones you don’t recognize, and look them up with your child when you get home. Pick one off the list to try next time you go to the store.


  • Choosing a recipe to cook: let your child pick a recipe to prepare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and then find the needed ingredients in the store without your help.  


  • Naming healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods: help your child point out unhealthy food choices as they walk up and down the aisles, then find healthy alternatives.


  • Read labels together: read the labels together and discuss the ingredients in the products you buy. This will help you both understand what you are putting into your body.  If there are ingredients you can’t pronounce or are unsure of, look them up together, and discuss it with the rest of the family.